100% Natural Solid Moisturiser Bars

Handmade With Pure Essential Oils

100% Natural Solid Moisturiser

with pure essential oils hand-made in Wales.

Mindful Moisturising......... Our solid moisturiser bars are hand-made, surrounded by natural beauty, nature, postive energy and love.


Using only natural ingredients we have created a Bees Wax and Bee Free (vegan friendly) range of non greasy, quick absorbing natural solid moisturisers. Each bar is infused with pure essential oils (no fragrances or synthetics are used) hand picked to promote wellbeing and balance for children and adults. Both our Bee Free and Bees Wax range can be used to moisturise all of your body from your nose to your toes.



The Bees Wax bars provide moisturising qualities particularly helpful for those with Eczema and Psoriasis. The therapeutic qualities of the bees wax helps lock moisture into the skin and offers acts as a protective barrier.


Our Bee Free Vegan Friendly bars do not contain wax. We combine Shea, Mango and

Cocoa Butters together to make a lighter moisturiser suitable for daily use,

quicker to melt and absorb into your skin.

We often consider how the foods we eat impact upon our health but did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and therefore into the blood stream?

Would you eat toxins and nasties? Our answer is no, so why put them on your body... that is why our ingredients are all 100% natural. We are 99% Organic and working hard on the 1%!


How do they work?


The bars are solid at room temperature and start to melt on contact with the skin. Hold the bar in your hands to warm then gently glide over the body to release the magic. A little goes a long way.... and the bars return to their solid state when removed from your hands.


We use pure essential oils, our blends consider the therapeutic properties of each oil as well as its aroma. Whilst they smell amazing the consideration given to the blends used all promote positivity and wellbeing. The bars provide the perfect carrier for the essential oils to work wonders and leave you with super hydrated silky smooth skin.




Moisturiser Bars for Children

As a Social Worker I have worked with children for over 20 years. Most presented with challenging behaviour, anxiety, and frustration, whilst some were diagnosed with Attachment Disorrder, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism etc, others weren't....... they all required a moment of mindfulness and opportunity to stop the world just for a bit!


I have always used my solid moisturisers in Play Therapy and daily Social Work practice, recognising various essential oil blends can have a significant postive impact on a child's overall emotional wellbeing. This then has a knock on effect to how their day goes.... and how their carer's/parent's day turns out too!






pictures by Lil Gault Photography