Organic Solid Moisturiser Bars

Handmade With Pure Essential Oils

 Having worked with children for over 20 years, most presenting with challenging behaviour, anxiety, frustration and attachment issues, they all (and thier loved ones) required a moment of mindfulness and opportunity to stop the world just for a bit!

I have always used my solid moisturisers in Theraplay and holistic therapy, recognising various essential oil blends can have a significant postive impact on a child's overall emotional wellbeing. This then has a knock on effect to how their day goes.... and how their significant adults day goes!

The Zzzzen Meltdowner can be introduced as part of a child's day or night time routine by massaging thier feet and hands, the oils will evoke a peaceful space and promote calmness.

The original Meltdowner offers a space to distract and divert meltdowns with its grounding and focussing blend of essential oils. Its handy to use in moments of ancipated stress and change of routine.

Our Meltdowners are perfect for children, however we recognised that thier parents, teachers, fostercarers, and significant others all need a little bit of help too.......

and Ino-Scents was born.

We consciously chose fair trade organic ingredients, and ensure all our packaging is biodegradable. Every effort is made to reduce, reuse and recycle❤️

pictures by Lil Gault Photography