Organic Solid Moisturiser Bars

Handmade With Pure Essential Oils

Bees Wax Bars

Our Bees Wax bars are packed with therapeutic ingredients, particularly beneficial for people who suffer from sensitive skin, Eczema and Psoriasis. The bees wax acts as a seal to lock in the goodness and a provide a protective barrier, ensuring your skin remains supple and smooth and super hydrated.

Bee Free Bars (vegan friendly)

Made with Cocoa, Shea and Mango Butters combined with pure essential oil blends. Our Bee Free bars smell divine and are suitable for use as a daily all over moisturiser.  They are quicker to absorb into your skin than our Bees Wax bars, and glide instantly on body contact leaving you with ultra moisturised smooth soft skin.

Bees Wax Bars & Bee Free Bars are available in the following blends:


For those days when the big and little people refuse to acknowledge its bedtime.

The Lavender and Ylang Ylang is the parent’s favourite.

Ylang Ylang evokes calmness and has sedation properties which help promote relaxation and sleep, Lavender is the well known and loved favourite soother and go to essential oil for winding down for a peaceful sleep for everyone.


For the days where you’ve lost your Mojo or feel fragile and all out of sorts.

The grounding Frankincense base along with the sharp and sweet citrus notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit promote emotional balance and clarity of thought. 

Particularly helpful for depression and anxiety.


For those days where you just need some love ... Cwtch has the grounding base of Sandalwood and Vetiver; blended with Frangipani, believed to be the ‘Tree of Life’ due to its healing capacity. It was historically used as an ingredient in love potions and considered the ‘flower of sensuality’ due to its intoxicating perfume. With hints of Rose and Ylang Ylang these bars embrace you with the warmest of cwtches. The sensual blend is perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Lemongrass Zing

For those days when you need a boost of energy. The Lively tones of Lemongrass and Lime along with the sweet hints of Mandarin create a motivating and refreshing aroma. Lemongrass has the added bonus of being a great insect repellent for the long summer night bugs.

Fire and Ice

For those days of excess in the gym, garden, work, play.

With a hot and cold blend of cinnamon, black pepper, eucalyptus and peppermint

your aches and pains will slowly melt away.The blend is particulally helpful in promoting good circulation.

Delicate Rose

For those days when you need to stop and smell the roses.

The uplifting citrusy Bergamot and lemon notes with a hint of Rose Geranium embraces you with positivity, comfort and sweet nostalgia.


For those days when you need to just be!

The grounding base of Vetiver blended with the citrus notes of Neroli provide

the perfect combination for meditation and relaxation.

Peppermint Soothe

For those days when you've had a bit too much sun and in need of some hydrating, soothing TLC.

The Peppermint cools and works to reduce redness whilst the Lavender calms and soothes your sensitive skin. This bar is a great all rounder also providing excellent relief from headaches when dabbed on temples and wrists. Perfect for holidays and allowed on planes as hand luggage too.

Fresh Sandalwood 

Magical Sandalwood, with grounding anti inflamatory properties

blended with zesty Lime. It you keep your feet on the grounding heady times.

A favorite with the men (it can also be used as beard tamer💕)

Cedarwood & Lemon

Earthy Cedarwood blended with the sharp citrus of Lemon promote clarity and foucus. A favorite with the men (it can also be used as beard tamer💕)

MELTDOWNERS (suitable for children 2yrs+)

For those days when its all a bit too much being a little person.

Specifically blended for children with ADHD and Autism in mind, this bar

promotes both physical and emotional balance and peace. 

From the terrible two’s to the teenage angst of exams and life.

Lavender and Ylang Ylang offer tranquillity and reduce anxiety; along with the relaxing base of Cedarwood and Vetiver combine to provide a soothing anchor for any child in the middle of a ‘meltdown’.........see more.

pictures by Lil Gault Photography